Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry


“WSPD hosted a Media Training Event for State Chapter leaders and Public Policy Advocates belonging to the western states.
Pictured from left to right: (Back row) Dr. Jacob Lee (CA), Erika Hoeft (PR director), Dr. Christine Roalofs (AK), Dr. Joseph Sease (OR), Dr. Robin Wright (Trainer), Dr. Cody Hughes (NV)
(Front row) Dr. Natasha Bramley (OR), Dr. Nancy Hsieh (CA), Dr. Chanel McCreedy (CA), Dr. Bri Butler (WA), Dr. Sarah Hulland (Calgary, Canada), Dr. Jessica Blanco (AK), Dick Helton (Trainer)]


Dr. Christine Roalofs (AK) undergoes the two day Media Training Event hosted by the WSPD


California Public Policy Advocate Dr. Natalie Mansour Brown with Dr. John Gibbons, Public Policy Advocate for Washington and Past AAPD Western District Trustee at the annual WSPD/CSPD convention at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA


WSPD member Dr. Shukan Kanuga (CA) shares her clinical expertise with attendees at the CDA convention in Anaheim


Dr. Sarah Hulland (Calgary, Canada) with Dr. Christine Roalfs (AK) and a furry friend

jonathon lee

Dr. Natasha Bramley (OR), Dr. Natalie Mansour Brown (CA), Dr. Bobby Yang (AZ) and Dr. Jonathon Lee (CA) attending a lecture by Minimally Invasive Dentistry guru Dr. Jeanette Maclean Budd” at the annual WSPD/CSPD convention at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA


Members of the Oregon Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (OAPD) attend a sedation course as part of their Spring Continuing Education meeting


WSPD President Dr. Cody Hughes (NV) with Dr. Lynn Fujimoto (HI) at a WSPD board meeting


WSPD Leadership intern Dr. Aarika Anderson presents a summary of her experiences to the WSPD board members


Talking shop- WSPD board members and Odontoblast editors Dr. Natasha Bramley (OR) and Dr. Ashley Hoban (NV) at a WSPD Board Meeting


Dr. Steve Neithamer wields the camera documenting the mock interviews given by the participants of the Media Training course. The footage was then played back, giving all the attendees a chance to provide feedback to their peers.


Board members at work, presenting state reports.


Snapshot of WSPD leadership and state representatives at a board meeting in 2019


Dr. Jacob Lee addressing members of the Oregon Academy of Pediatric Dentistry at their Fall 2019 CE meeting