Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry

General Dentist AAPD Affiliate Member Acknowledgment

Dr. Jonathan Lee, AAPD Western District Trustee

Recently, one of the Action Items from the September 25, 2021, meeting of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) Board of Trustees (BOT) has created concern amongst our District Pediatric Dental Specialist Members.  The action item is for the Affiliate (General Dentist) Advisory Committee to investigate developing an affiliate track for affiliate members to earn AAPD acknowledgment.

As such, AAPD President Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp has asked me to clarify the process for addressing this topic, notify the District Membership, and reassure everyone that they will have ample opportunity to discuss this issue openly.

What is next, and what can you do to effectively share your perspectives with AAPD leadership and membership?  First, we need to see what the Affiliate Advisory Committee presents.  President Beauchamp wrote to me that their report which is to be presented to the Board in May 2022 would be available to all members.  Second, we welcome your input and feedback.  AAPD embraces the diversity of opinion, the inclusion of perspectives by AAPD Active and Life Members, and equity amongst the AAPD Active and Life Pediatric Dental Specialist Members and the AAPD Elected and Appointed Officers.  In addition, AAPD welcomes input from the Leadership of the Districts, States, and Provinces.  Remember, this is your Academy.  As such, our founding fathers 75 years ago ensured AAPD has a place and time for these discussions.

Based on member input, the Board will determine, if any, action to take on the Committee Report.  Following any Board action, there will be more opportunities for discussion throughout the year and then at the 2023 Reference Committee Hearings and General Assembly of the Membership, which happens every year at the Annual Session.  Any changes to the Affiliate Membership category must then be approved by a majority vote of the Active and Life Members at the General Assembly.

My duty as your District Trustee is to keep you abreast of the issues addressed by the AAPD and the process for addressing those issues.  It is also my responsibility to be your voice on the Board, so I welcome your input as this process moves forward. 

I look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego for our annual session of the AAPD celebrating 75 years as an Association!