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I am grateful for this opportunity to serve as President of the Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry (WSPD). We are one of, if not the, largest and most active districts of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). We have had great leaders at the helm in our past and I hope to continue to move the district forward in serving our affiliate states and provinces. As we support and help one another, we are better prepared to meet the changes in policy, legislation, and other influences that can hamper our ability to serve the children we treat and better our profession.

We have a wonderful group of leadership in place, those serving on the executive committee and our affiliates board representatives. We will continue to build on the strong foundation already in place for our district. Here are a few items of focus going forward:

  • Continue to support our affiliate states and provinces through communicating issues, supporting their CE courses and meetings, and providing leadership and other training opportunities.

  • Leadership development of our up and coming leaders through the leadership program and supporting resident participation in the AAPD advocacy conference.

  • Better communication with our members via this newsletter and an updated, current website.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns pertaining to our district. We want to serve as a resource to our members in any way possible.

I’d like to thank our immediate past president, Sarah Hulland, for doing a wonderful job and putting some great things in place. I’d also like to thank all those we have serving on our board and encourage you to learn who your representative(s) is/are and please reach out to them or myself with anything we can do to better serve this district.

I look forward to seeing you at our districts upcoming meetings, Washington in October and then the CSPD/WSPD meeting in San Francisco next March! Thank you again for this opportunity to serve!

– Cody C. Hughes, DMD, MSD
President, WSPD

Past President’s Message


It is with immense delight that I am writing these words in the inaugural edition of ‘Odontoblast’.  The Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry (WSPD) is always looking for new ways to enhance communication within our district and ‘Odontoblast’ moves WSPD forward to promote the values of the organization to all the members.  Over the past two years as President of the WSPD, I have focused on optimizing the communication chapter of our district, and ‘Odontoblast’ is one example of how this has been achieved.  It is with thanks to Drs. Natasha Bramley, Ashley Hoban and Christine Roalofs that ‘Odontoblast’ is now live.

Over the past few years, the WSPD executive has been devoted to bring a more enriched organization forward.  Dr. Ora Lowe has been paramount in working with our student leader through the StAMP program.  Dr. John Gibbons has been spearheading our political capital partnering with our PPA’s to understand how to engage with politicians and maneuver our political agendas forward.  Dr. Christine Roalofs has stepped down as our representative from Alaska to become the initial Administrative Assistant for the WSPD.  I personally would like to thank them and all our volunteer representatives for their unconditional commitment they have demonstrated to our group for years.

Dr. Cody Hughes has now stepped into the position of President of our district.  I am confident the future of the organization is in the most capable of hands under his direction.  I look forward to working with him to continue the momentum the WSPD has undergone.

In addition to the work within the WSPD, the past and present executive have all worked tirelessly to engage with the AAPD.  Our working relationship between these levels of pediatric dentistry has continued to improve and the outcome of this is a stronger voice for our district at the national level.

I am proud of how the WSPD has grown, but I will take a moment to indulge my idealistic side!  I personally would like to thank each and every member of the WSPD executive I have had the privilege to work with.  I have been involved in many levels of organized dentistry throughout my career and this organization has been the absolute best one to work with and within.  The level of respect for similarities and differences in all interactions is amazing and gratifying.  I feel this is a key strength of the WSPD and it is this characteristic that makes the organization unique and effective.  As a Canadian within the group, I am honoured to have added my voice to this group.

I am writing this while sitting in the wetlands of Costa Rica in a tropical downpour enjoying a break before attending the IAPD in Cancun.  These past years have served to remind me that life is a very short adventure and we all need to take some time to enjoy it, however that may look.  So for now, I will share yet another photo of my interpretation of relaxation!

– Sarah Hulland, DDS
Past President, WSPD


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