Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry

As a member of the WSPD-The Western Regional District Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), you may be asking yourself, “How does my membership in WSPD benefit me?

The Western States under the AAPD are comprised of the following: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon Territory [all the states in italics]. The AAPD Bylaws require that all AAPD members have membership in the component district. In our case WSPD (District VI) is our representative district. Besides the camaraderie, here are some of the benefits and value of WSPD membership:

  • Continuing Education:
    WSPD has traditionally held their annual meeting in conjunction with the CSPD. You are eligible to attend this outstanding meeting and scientific session at a reduced member registration fee. The WSPD has offered a PALS course in the past and sponsors a program/speaker. Members also enjoy reduced registration fees at continuing education courses held within the Western District.

  • CSPD-WSPD Quarterly Bulletin:
    Members outside of California receive access to the electronic version of the CSPD-WSPD Quarterly Bulletin.

  • 30 Day Free Access to Practical Reviews in Pediatric Dentistry On-Demand:
    The WSPD has arranged for you to receive FREE 30-day access to Practical Reviews On-Demand [FREE 30-day access to Practical Reviews On-Demand in bold, Practical Reviews On-Demand in italics]. With this free access, you can keep up with the latest information in the field of pediatric dentistry plus more than 30 other specialty areas.

  • AAPD Representation and Cultivation of Leaders:
    Every three years, each district elects a District Trustee to represent them to the AAPD. The WSPD provides the opportunity for the Trustee and AAPD to understand your state’s issues and concerns in order to better represent you at the AAPD. The district structure allows members of smaller states a better chance to pursue leadership roles at the District and National level such as representatives on Councils and participation in the Leadership Institute. One voting member of District VI sits on the Nominating Committee of the AAPD. It is a committee that recommends the candidates for both the Secretary/Treasurer and Trustee at Large of the AAPD. Involvement in the WSPD provides opportunity for our district members to get involved in the activities of the AAPD.

  • Address Issues Specific To Our Region:
    WSPD allows each state in our district to share their concerns and issues in order to effectively solve these problems. Further, it allows for states within the district or the entire district to collectively address issues to the AAPD.

  • Strength in Numbers:
    Without the WSPD, the smaller states in our district would have a very minimal voice within the AAPD. When the District speaks as a unified voice, we have significantly more influence.

AAPD Active and Life Members who reside and practice in the Western District benefit from AAPD tri-partite structure.  Currently, AAPD Members are assessed a separate $40 District assessment that are charged in addition to your AAPD and State dues.  This assessment is currently billed by your WSPD-AAPD State Component.  The WSPD has significant benefits for you and pediatric dentistry that make it well worth the $40.00 annual membership fee.