Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry


March 2024

The Hawaii-Alaska Joint meeting was at the Aulani Resort in Kapolei, Hawaii.  It was a fun time connecting with colleagues, while enjoying excellent CE speakers.  Drs. Jacob Lee, Lynn Fujimoto & Heidi Ostby did an excellent job arranging this meeting.

Last October, the WSPD Fall Board meeting started with the Strategic Planning session, led by Dr. Paul Amundsen (AAPD Foundation VP for Development and Charitable Programs) The morning was spent identifying who, and what we are and what we, the WSPD do.  It was time well spent and the members of the Strategic Planning Committee will present a strategic plan at our Spring Board meeting that will be our framework for the next three years.    WSPD bylaws revisions will be presented for Board approval and then be voted on at the District caucus on May 25th.

Dr Nadienne Wu (the WSPD 2023 Leadership intern) did a phenomenal presentation to our Board on her project:

To determine the feasibility and the establishment/implementation of a position for a WSPD Public Policy Advocate (PPA).

Thank you to everyone who participated by completing her survey.

Her results were shared with the AAPD and other districts have taken interest as well.

Dr. Andrea Akabike is our new WDLI intern, and her project will be introduced at the Spring Board meeting..

As I mentioned in my last report, Dr. Ora Lowe, who did wonderful work with the WSPD StAmp fund. She has handed the co-ordination of the StAmp fund over to our Executive Director, Christine Roalofs.  Our future StAmp fund interns will be well taken care of.

Dr. Don Schmitt was nominated and ran unopposed for the position of WSPD Trustee.  He will step into that role in May, as our current Trustee, the esteemed Dr. Jacob Lee, retires from that position.  Congratulations to Don.  We are looking forward to his enthusiastic representation of and for the WSPD during the next 3 years.

In other news WSPD is holding its first annual reception at the CSPD meeting in Palm Springs.  Look for the signs leading you to this reception during the alumni reception hour.  Many WSPD members did not graduate from California residencies, and this will be a place for us to gather, share a beverage and make new friends.

Our Spring Board meeting will be held on Saturday afternoon, March 23 at 1:30.

The annual AAPD meeting held this year in Toronto in May.  As a proud Canadian, I look forward to welcoming many of our WSPD members to Toronto.  Our WSPD District Caucus will be held on Saturday May 25 at 1.00 pm.  Dr. Rob McAlpine will step into the President’s role at the end of the meeting.

Once again, I’d like to thank the wonderful WSPD Board and our Executive Director, Christine Roalofs and all our members for making my year as President such a rewarding experience.


Respectfully submitted,

Felicity Hardwick